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Videocon V1402 Mobile Price in india - Videocon V1402 Mobile Features

Videocon V1402 Mobile Price in india - Videocon V1402 Mobile Features and Specification

The Videocon V1402 Mobile comes with outstanding features. The Videocon V1402 mobile has 1.8″ inch TFT screen with a resolution of 128*160 pixel. The videocon mobile camera is digital and 250 SMS memory. The Videocon mobile has 1000 phonebook  memory. So let’s talk about the price, features and specification of Videocon V1402 mobile phone detail in India.

Videocon V1402 Mobile Phone Features & Specifications

    * Product: Videocon Mobile
    * Model: V 1402 Videocon
    * Color: Black and Orange / Blue / Grey
    * Display: 1.8” TFT Screen /128*160 Pixels
    * Dimensions: 107mm x 46 5mm. x 14mm
    * Entertainment: FM Radio on loudspeaker / Audio & video player 3GP/MP4
    * Camera: a Digital camera with video recording / 3 GP Video recording
    * Phone Memory: 250 SMS Memory / 1000 Phonebook Memory
    * Memory: Up To 4 GB Expandable Memory
    * Connectivity: Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz) / GPRS and Browser
    * Other Features: Voice Morphing / Mobile Tracker / Torch / Loud Speaker / Polyphonic Ring tones / Wallpapers
    * Battery Type & Performance: 1000 mAH Long life battery / 5 Hours Talktime / 240 hours Stand By Time
    * Inbox Content: Earphone / Battery / Charger / User Manuals

Videocon V1402 Mobile Phone Price in India

Rs. 2,895/- in India (INR.)

Videocon V1428 Price in india – Dual Sim Mobile Price, Features

Videocon V1428 Price in india – Dual Sim Mobile Price, Features, Specification
The Videocon V1428 is a new GSM Dual SIM mobile phone comes with attractive price and features. Videocon V1428 featuring with extra-long battery life with talk-time up to 10 hours and standby time up to 20 days, GSM Dual SIM, MP3 player, 4GB expandable memory. Let’s talk about Videocon V1428 price, features & specifications.

Videocon V1428 mobile phone features & specifications  :

    * Brand: Videocon
    * Model: V1428
    * Type: Mobile phone
    * Network: GSM
    * Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz)
    * Display: 2-inch TFT screen,176*220 pixel screen resolution
    * Entertainment features: FM Radio on Loudspeaker, Stereo FM Recording, MP3 Player with dedicated music keys, Audio Recorder, Video Player
    * Upto 4 GB expandable memory
    * Camera: VGA Camera with Video Recording
    * Bluetooth
    * GPRS and WAP
    * Mobile Tracker
    * Others features: LED Torch, Background Noise Simulation
    * Battery: 1800 mAH Battery
    * 600 mins Talk Time
    * 480 hrs Standby Time*

Videocon V1428 Price in India

The latest new Videocon V1428 mobile phone is now available in India, V1428 price will be around Rs. 3,200/- (Price in India)

Videocon V1305 Mobile Price in india - Videocon V1305 Features, Spec

Videocon V1305 Mobile Price in india - Videocon V1305 Features, Spec

Videocon introduced its latest new Videocon V1305 GSM Dual SIM mobile phone with multi features & affordable price. V1305 comes with FM Radio with recording, MP3 music player, upto 4GB expandable memory, mobile tracker and various other features are available in this mobile phone. Let’s discuss complete details about Videocon V1305 mobile phone like price, features & specifications.

Videocon V1305 mobile complete features & specifications are:

    * Brand: Videocon
    * Type: Mobile
    * Model: V1305
    * Network: Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz)
    * Display:1.5″ inch colour screen with 128*128 pixels resolution
    * Memory: upto 4 GB T-Flash Expandable Memory
    * Mobile Tracker
    * V 1305 Entertainment Features: FM Radio with Recording, Loud Mp3 music player & Wallpapers and Ringtones, Polyphonic/MP3 Ringtones.
    * Connectivity: GPRS, Mobile Tracker
    * Loudspeaker
    * Mobile Tracker
    * Other Features: EMS / Smart Messaging, SMS, Loudspeaker, Vibrating alert
    * Dimension:108.5 mm x 46 mm x 14.3 mm
    * Battery820 mAH long life battery
    * Battery Life: Up-to 180 mins Talk Time/240 hrs Standby Time*

Videocon V1305 Price in India

The latest new Videocon V1305 price is now available in India, price of V1305 will be around Rs. 2,000/- (Price in India)

Videocon V202 Price in india – Dual Sim Mobile Price,Features

Videocon V202 Price in india – Dual Sim Mobile Price,Features

Videocon V202 is a new entry level basic GSM Dual SIM mobile phone with affordable price and very good features. Some key features of Videocon V202 are; FM Radio on Loudspeaker, LED tourch, 500 mAH charger for 40% faster charging, etc. Let’s talk about Videocon V202 price, features & specifications.
Videocon V202 mobile phone features & specifications:

    * Brand: Videocon
    * Type: V202
    * Type: Mobile phoneVideocon-V202 Price
    * Colour:Dual Color Grey and Maroon
    * Display and Battery Life : 3.6 cms (1.5) CSTN screen
      Network: GSM
    * Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz)
    * Resolution: 128*128 pixel resolution
    * FM Radio on loudspeaker
    * Built in FM Radio
    * LED Torch
    * Dedicated Torch Key
    * 500 mAH charger for 40% faster charging
    * Battery: 850 mAH Battery
      Talk time: Upto 210 mins
    * Standby: upto 100 hrs
    * Dimension : 102.5 mm x 38.3 mm x 10.6 mm

Videocon V202 Price in India - Dual Sim Mobile Price

The latest new Videocon V202 is now available in India, price will be around Rs. 1,800/- (Price in India)

Videocon Mobile Price List in india – Latest Videocon Mobile Phones

Videocon Mobile Price List in india – 2011 Latest Videocon Mobile Phones
Videocon has launched new mobile phones in India with very good features and affordable price. The features like cameras, music player, headphone jack, dual SIM options, USB support other main features like social networking applications. The price list of Videocon mobile is as given below. The list mentioned here all in Indian rupees. If you want to know detail features, specification and review about the particular model, click on the model number.
Videocon Mobile Price List

    * Videocon V1425 CRUZ  – Rs. 3,100
      Videocon VC1424 Dual mode CDMA/GSM+GSM  – Rs. 5,000
    * Videocon V202  – Rs. 1,800
    * Videocon V1404  – Rs. 2,000

    * Videocon V204   – Rs. 1,360
    * Videocon V1305  – Rs. 1,600
    * Videocon V1420  – Rs. 2,450
    * Videocon V1300  – Rs. 1,850
    * Videocon V1422  – Rs. 2,550
    * Videocon V200   – Rs. 1,600
    * Videocon V1301  – Rs. 2,690
    * Videocon V1303  – Rs. 2,790
    * Videocon V1302  – Rs. 2,900

    * Videocon V1290  – Rs. 1,800
    * Videocon V1424  – Rs. 2,800
    * Videocon V1602  – Rs. 3,950
    * Videocon V1705  – Rs. 5,790
    * Videocon V1675  – Rs. 5,800

    * videocon V1403  – Rs. 3,500
    * Videocon V1405  – Rs. 3,000
    * Videocon V1502  – Rs. 4,900
    * Videocon V1604  – Rs. 5,500
    * Videocon V2950  – Rs. 17,000
    * Videocon V1750  – Rs. 7,500
    * Videocon V1306  – Rs. 1,700

    * Videocon V1455  – Rs. 3,990
    * Videocon V1655  – Rs. 5,700
    * Videocon VC1425 – Rs. 5,100
    * Videocon V1402  – Rs. 2,000
    * Videocon V1401  – Rs. 3,390

The above Videocon mobiles price list based on the market price, if you want to know about the particular model, then go to that model. We will soon updates of all models shortly.

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